Mandy Preece

“Sharing my passion of inspiring us all to feel heard...”

“I’ve been lucky enough to receive awards for my communications training, but what inspires me the most is when people from teens to grandparents really get Rock and change how they listen and support each other...

It’s why I do what I do. My experience of sitting alongside people at end of life taught me a valuable lesson: all of us are looking for connection.

We all crave and deserve to be heard – in grief, in joy and in the everyday.”


I’m a mum, wife, friend and Rock work-in-progress as well as being a communications coach, motivational speaker and soul midwife. Sitting with people at end of life has taught me that being alongside is so much more than listening.

My communications training for hospice volunteers led me to receive the Princess Royal Training Award and NHS Unsung Hero Volunteer of the Year 2019. I currently sit on the Helpforce Steering Group looking at volunteering within the NHS and live my passion of inspiring others to be alongside – at end of life and in our everyday.